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Giving in This Season is a Remedy for Loneliness

How many of you feel lonely, confused, and isolated during this holiday season? Have you thought about the women and men in the jail and prisons? I am sure you are aware that the prisons and jails are still not allowing volunteers to visit the inmates. I can only imagine how they feel. How do you feel when you see people’s faces covered with masks? I know I feel isolated and angry that we are made to stay six feet apart. I can only envision how a prisoner must feel during their incarceration or an at-risk woman on the street, without touch.

Is there someone you can reach out to (maybe physically or in some other way) in your sphere of influence? How about: 1) bringing a meal to an elderly neighbor; 2) extra money through an inheritance or a check you were not expecting, and you could help someone in need; or 3) what about regifting something you have received from someone else that you may have had two of and wrap it and give it to someone who would never expect a gift? It has been said, “it’s the thought that counts,” and that person will know that they were on your mind.

Another way of letting someone know that you are thinking about them is by writing notes. I love to decorate my cards with hearts and stickers. I allow the little girl to come out and play – I kill two birds with one stone- I make my day and someone else’s bright. There are ministries that write to prisoners and I’m sure that they would love to have you help them. One of these is: Letters of Hope Ministries | Facebook which is run by Margaret Wiles. I am certain she and an incarcerated woman would love to hear from you.

Year-end giving is another way you could help at-risk women. Think of the joy that you could give to a woman who has had no opportunity to improve herself. She may not be able to afford counseling or training of any kind. She may finally have a chance at a real life because of your year-end love gift. Be that person or business that is a giver, whether it is our organization or another ministry. We will have a testimony coming soon.

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