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"Thank you for your obedience to the calling and for the passion you shower your work with. It takes courage and devotion to do what you’re doing. You are a great inspiration!"

Dr. Maria Angeles-Taveras, Founder & President 

The Fulfillment Center, Restoring through Christ International Ministries

“Thank you for your heart and your passion in this cause.... setting captives free....”

Shannah Ikenberry, Director, House of Ruth.

After volunteering in a county jail program for many years, I could see the need for more support for
women who are trying to change their lives. Reformation at the Crossroads has given me an opportunity
to help meet some of these pressing needs.
My involvement in church freedom and healing ministries has also confirmed a need for more support
for women who are trying to change their lives. Reformation at the Crossroads has given me an
opportunity to help meet some of these pressing needs.


Diane Facilitator/Teacher

My father was an alcoholic and I know firsthand what the addiction can do not only to the addict but to
the family especially the children. But for the grace of God, I too could need help. This is why I do what I
can for this ministry.
As a survivor of domestic abuse, I understand the feeling of hopelessness and despair leading women to
make poor choices. This too is why I help this ministry.
Living in a cycle of abuse and addiction as a child and later in married life I understand how easy it was
for me to travel the same road. Without a mentor to support me I could be in the same spot. That is why
I help this ministry.


When I learned women most likely return to prison because they fall back into the same lifestyle, I knew
Omaha and other cities needed a program that didn't exist today.  RACR was developed for lasting
change and to live life through Jesus.

Shelly Ragan 

I am involved with Reformation at the Crossroads because I believe women need support and
encouragement, while they transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to a productive and fulfilling life that
will affect their families and society in a positive way. 


Robbin Alex
Here are my whys as a board member:
Board Member
I am personally passionate about and committed to our mission founded on Biblical principles, which
empowers addicted/wounded women with hope, love, and freedom to effect the transformation of
their minds, bodies, and spirits to create permanent life change.
Serving on the board provides an incredible opportunity to meet influential, intelligent, and well-
connected people. I may meet and be able to connect with strategic partners, leaders, or investors.
Serving on this board will help me to strengthen a variety of my professional skills.
I’m excited to be a positive change agent for our board and a support advocate for our women in the
house, who need structure to turn their lives around.  I also embrace the call to be a positive role model
to these women, leading by example.
I desire to utilize my training/development in mentoring by collaborating and applying these
skills/knowledge and leadership traits in service with others on our board, and with our organization’s
advisors, teachers, and volunteers to develop a cohesive team and work with our women to become
thriving and productive in the community. 
I embrace the opportunity to use my knowledge/experience in the judiciary system to support/assist the
board and women to most effectively work through the system, resulting in positive impacts on both
As the Medical Advisor (RN)
I endeavor to help shape policy and strategic decisions that have impact on critical areas of women’s
support across the continuum of care.  I seek to provide a unique perspective in the healthcare arena,
and to partner with other leaders to promote change and advance optimal health for those we are
working with.  This includes getting the women into the proper healthcare, ensuring proper medication
is being obtained and administered on the scheduled basis consistently, and facilitating follow-up
scheduling for any necessary mental and health care.
Through my collaboration on the board, I will assist to improve the women’s quality of life, lower costs,
and advance women’s healthcare quality.
As the Medical Advisor/RN I can make a positive impact the health of the communities we are serving,
not only through my role as clinician, but also through service in our non-profit and in the community, to
develop best practices and continuity of care. This will promote reduction of anxiety in our women,
while simultaneously increasing the satisfaction of their families. 
Through these contributions and cooperatively working with others, the community will experience
improvements through enacting positive change.  Collaborating with women of diverse cultural and
religious backgrounds is important for improving health equality and creating positive outcomes.

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