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Is Your Disfunction Lying to You?

MJ is the newest story on our website. An orphan spirit grasped her tightly after the events of her stepfather being killed, moving several times (including from Juba, South Sudan), family and friends passing, being stressed and enduring peer pressure. The orphan spirit craves freedom, independence, and rebellion. The Bible says that “Rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft, and stubbornness as bad as worshiping idols . . .” (1 Samuel 15:23a). Rebellion can be so dangerous and dysfunctional that it will lie to you and tell you it would be more fun to have it your way.

Believing the lies led MJ to depression and anxiety and only alcohol could deceitfully dull her desolation and displeasure. She started to drink in college at nineteen and two DUI’s later, she realized that alcohol was not the truth she was seeking. She mustered up all her courage and she requested help and found it necessary to confront and conquer her childhood trauma and the challenges of living in two different cultures.

The number five stands for “The Grace of God. This number also has to do with the favor of God. It is the number that marks the place where God gives us the ability to overcome something” (Numbers That Preach, Brewer, 59). MJ was able to get sober, see another day, get a wonderful job, find a home of her own, and has a wonderful spiritual mother named Karen. She has truly overcome addiction and many of the dysfunctional lies that desired to have her. The One True God is her Father, Jesus is her brother, and the Holy Spirit is her guide.

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