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Purpose in the Pause

Updated: May 17, 2022

I heard a partner of ours say there is a “purpose in the pause.” Wow, do we want to be the way we were pre-covid or do we want to be different post-covid? How is God talking to you during this time? What are the ways that He is talking to you about what you need to release (let go)? Is He telling you to clean out your closets/drawers? He did that with me when I was waiting for Him to tell me the next thing to do in forming Reformation at the CrossRoads. I thought He was a little crazy, but I did it anyway and doors started opening. I knew God was asking me to make room and get rid of some of the idols that were in my life and make a space for Him to work. That God of ours is a very wise Pappa Daddy.

That Pappa made the universe, so why would we be so surprised that He can do things for us when we get out of the way? He just needs for us to look north to Him and stop looking to ourselves for the answers that only He can provide. Are you ready to give Him your closets/drawers and idols? Are you ready to give up watching four or five hours a day of television? That is called a fast, my friend. A fast doesn’t have to be food, it could mean something that you feel you can’t live without. What about those chips that give you gas every time you eat them and you know they’re not good for you. Consider the soda that makes you fat as you drink it day after day after day. I have heard of people giving up sugary soda and losing weight without giving up anything else. I know Lent is over, but Pentecost is coming, May 31st, and are we ready for a move of the Lord in our lives? Have you made room for Him? What’s your purpose in this pause? Take a time out and think about that, my friend!

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