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What is Rita's specialty? Taking Back your life through Life & Health Coaching! 

Rita Moravec is a Certified Health & Life Coach (International Coaching Federation – ICF).  She specializes in helping her clients learn to live purposeful, happy lives while building their self-confidence. Rita has overcome life-altering losses of her own, and becoming certified as a Life Coach has given her the tools to help others do the same. Rita works full-time as an Assistant Director in the insurance industry, while also engaging in Life and Health Coaching in her off-hours.  Most of Rita’s off-hours are spent volunteering for several Christian groups that work with people recovering from addition.  Rita's own family has been plagued with drug and alcohol problems, with several loved ones losing their lives to addiction.  Rita does not openly offer coaching times to the private sector at large due to her availability limitations resulting from serving in a full-time job position, volunteering and handling several private coaching clients.  However, Rita does reserve early-morning time for exercise and time at the gym. 


Rita's hope is in the next few years leading toward retirement transition, that she will coach full time.Change is power and helps us move through life!  This theme is reflected in her coaching company name, Movement Through Life.

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