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MJ has experienced the amazing healing power of God.

After her stepfather was killed in the military 22 years ago, her mother brought M J and her siblings to the United States as refugees. Her mother wanted a better life, and raised her children to be obedient, respectful, and understand that life has abundant possibilities.

When she was 16, M J’s family moved to Utah, and she stayed in Nebraska to further her education. Moving to Lincoln after high school changed her life; she allowed stress and peer pressure to steer her in a direction where she couldn’t escape.

She loved college and enjoyed new-found freedom and independence. She also found fear and suspense. She had her first drink at 19. Tired of being the designated driver, she thought it would be more fun for someone else to take the wheel. After that moment of drinking, M J’s life flipped.

Depression and anxiety took over. Death taunted her as family and friends passed away. Only alcohol relieved her depression and anger, at least for a while.

After two DUI’s, she realized alcohol was not for her, and it took a lot of strength to reach out for help. She faced childhood trauma and the challenges of living in two completely different cultures.

God’s grace blessed her to see another day, get a job, and find a home that she calls her own with family and friends who love her.

M J found God and a new life.

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