Kristine Bockerman is called to serve at-risk women, helping them stand on their own two feet, be healed, and be made whole through Biblical principles. She serves as the president of Reformation at the CrossRoads. Her passion is chaplaincy and reform in jails and prisons; she works tirelessly on slowing down or stopping recidivism, while helping women to see themselves as their Heavenly Father envisions them.  


Kristine was a faithful volunteer coordinator/office manager in Jean Stothert’s first election victory as Mayor of Omaha in 2013.  She served as Mayor Stothert’s receptionist for the next two years. Kristine became a jail/prison chaplain in 2018 and has created Nebraska’s unique faith-based remapping program to help at-risk women develop the skills and mindset to succeed after prison and beyond.

Kristine knows what at-risk women experience, having suffered many things herself. She cried out for help without success, just like other anguished souls who act out inside or outside prison. She knows what it is like to feel unheard, and now she passionately helps women find answers through assistance, hope, and love.

Kristine is married to Brent, has two children, three grandchildren, and four cats. Yes, she is the crazy cat lady! She enjoys crafts, singing, reading, and spending time with friends.