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Reformation at the CrossRoads, Inc. (RaCR)



TITLE: Night/Evening/Weekend House Manager


Basic Function and Responsibility:

To assist in the cultivation and care of the residents of RaCR by providing a safe and secure environment that builds healthy community, and by providing a consistent example worthy of imitation that demonstrates the tangible love of Christ.


Specific Function and Responsibilities:

  1. Oversight of overnight house security to include the following:

  • Enforce curfews, in-room policies, and lights-out policies, as well as all other program rules and policies.

  • Lock down the facility, including all outside doors and windows (1st floor), and the staff office.

  • Set indoor/outdoor overnight lighting and turn off in the morning (located at front and back doors).

  • Do house “sweep” to collect personal items that have been left lying around the house in common spaces to be held until retrieved by a resident according to policy.

  • Conduct bed-checks during the night and log the results; results should be recorded in the daily log.

  • Notify the Director/President immediately in case of any incident or emergency during the night, making sure that any incident is properly documented and reported according to policy.


  1. Oversight of Residents in the house

  • Maintain safety of all residents at all times, address resident safety during severe weather.

  • Check periodically to verify that all Residents not signed out are present in the residence. Report any problems or non-compliance to the Director/President as per policy.

  • Screen incoming phone calls, take messages, and record any unusual calls as needed; use HIPPA guidelines.

  • Check on Resident activities in the house to ensure they are appropriately engaged in assigned duties or studies.

  • Maintain house standards by keeping things tidy.

  • Assist Residents in securing clothing from the “in-house boutique” and log any dispersed items.

  • Report any unusual Resident behaviors to the Director/President for follow-up per policy.


  1. Supervision of Residents away from the house

  • Approve sign-outs, clarify Resident plans, and provide authorizations to leave the house as per policy.

  • Log all call-ins from Residents and note any failures to call in per policy.

  • Report any violation of policies regarding passes to the Director.


  1. Administrative/Program Duties

  • Coordinate any group activities during the shift (dinner, outings, etc.)

  • Enforce house policies and guidelines; write log notes and Incident Reports when necessary.

  • Check personal living areas in dorm/bedrooms for cleanliness/orderliness daily.

  • Handle intake calls and inquiries, answering questions about the program while following confidentiality requirements.

  • Transport Residents to medical facilities for doctor appointments, assisting them with applications to get free health care, and filing their medical documents if needed. (Most instances, the day house manager will help them with these things.)

  • Assist residents with program and other paperwork as needed.

  • Assist with weekly grocery shopping if needed.

  • Provide oversight of prescription and non-prescription drugs and making them available for Residents according to policy, logging all necessary information.

  • Log all gifted clothing and properly store it in the “in-house boutique” closet downstairs and coordinate with volunteer staff for assistance.

  • Complete Incident Reports logs for residents as needed.

  • Maintain the Resident Daily logs, making sure that they are being completed daily at the end of shift.

  • Problem solve issues related to residents reporting any non-compliance to the Director/President as needed.

  • Receive gift-in-kind donations. Provide receipt to the donor and log in the receipt them. Sort and locate them in the house no less than weekly. Process donor information into database according to procedural policies and follow through with a thank-you letter. (Night House Manager will not have to record in the database and will not have to write thank you letters.)

  • Perform various household duties as required to maintain orderliness of the household (unload dishwasher etc.)

  • Make appropriate entries in the Daily Log using correct grammar and clear descriptive language.

  • Communicate all necessary information to the appropriate staff (i.e., grocery lists, donations, maintenance issues, etc.)

  • Check temperature and log for all freezer and refrigerator. (When we have a temperature gauge)

  • Notice and report any problems with the property or workings of equipment to the Director/President.


Supervision Received:

Immediate supervision will come from the Director/President.


Supervision Exercised:

Direct oversight of all residents at RaCR during shift hours.


Minimum qualifications:

  1. Must be female at least 22 years of age, who has demonstrated maturity in a self-directed lifestyle.

  2. Preferably one (1) – two (2) years’ experience in a similar position or program or equivalent experience or training.

  3. Must have demonstrated ability to carry authority and enforce policies and/or disciplines.

  4. Must have strongly demonstrated leadership qualities.

  5. Must possess the ability to work comfortably within a team context.

  6. Must function with a high degree of spiritual maturity and discipline.

  7. Life skills such as are needed to run a household.

  8. Must possess the ability to work comfortably within a team environment.

  9. Must work comfortably with Microsoft Word, Excel and comfortable with or able to learn..(We will help you with this if needed)

  10. Able to easily and comfortably traverse a two-story with basement residential building and lift 40-50 lbs without assistance.


All Employee Common Tasks:

  • Complete daily log according to per protocol.

  • Answer phones and take messages relaying to appropriate staff and residents.

  • Utilize de-escalation techniques, when necessary, based on trained techniques.

  • Be familiar with and utilize all policies and procedures.

  • Supervise resident medication intakes. (Our nurse will help you with that.)

  • Daily checking email; responding as soon as possible and relaying any necessary information. 

  • Transfer communication among staff and residents where appropriate.

  • Interact with women socially, recreationally, and in accordance with general residential living including but not limited to participating in activities (i.e., cooking, cleaning, receiving donations, general light household maintenance, occasionally driving women to appointments.)

  • Keeping house neat and picked up continually throughout the evening.

  • Must possess the ability to work comfortably within a team context.

  • Daily utilize and follow through on the Daily Logs.


  • Must have personal mentor with whom you meet monthly.

  • Goals and areas for growth identified and submitted to mentor for support and accountability.

  • Thorough understanding of biblical ideals held by RaCR and able to articulate same.

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