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  • Rent/Utilities free living

  • Potential Stipend

  • Negotiable time off

  • Free time to go to work and school during the day.

Reformation at the CrossRoads, Inc. (RaCR)



TITLE: Night/Evening/Weekend House Manager


Basic Function and Responsibility:

To assist in the cultivation and care of the residents of RaCR by providing a safe and secure environment that builds healthy community, and by providing a consistent example worthy of imitation that demonstrates the tangible love of Christ.


Function and Responsibilities:

  1. Oversight of overnight house security.

  2. Oversight of Residents in the house.

  3. Supervision of Residents away from the house.

  4. Administrative/Program Duties.


Mentorship Received:

Immediate supervision will come from the Director/President.

Minimum qualifications:

  1. Must be female at least 22 years of age, who has demonstrated maturity in a self-directed lifestyle.

  2. Preferably one (1) – two (2) years’ experience in a similar position or program or equivalent experience or training.


  • Must want or have a personal mentor with whom you meet monthly.

  • Desire a thorough understanding of biblical ideals held by RaCR and able to articulate same.

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